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LGBTQ+ / Gay Friendly Taxi Derby.

Need a ride? We'll SendAcar!

LGBTQ+ / Gay Friendly Taxi Derby.

Well hello.
It’s sad that in this day and age we have to write a post like this, but no matter how much progress inclusivity and equality make, there are always some whose attitudes and mindset slows down acceptance and growth.

Although most taxi and private hire companies in the UK state their inclusive intentions, it can sometimes be a spin of the roulette wheel as to who your driver will be. I’m sure you have read stories of how drivers have made people from the LGBTQ+ community feel, even heard things about people getting kicked out of rideshare cars and more, troubling anecdotes and community news.

We’ll just simply say, Book a car with us and you won’t have any worries. You will be picked up by a friendly, supportive driver who thinks you are awesome.
It really is as simple as that!

Sometimes people just need to know they are supported. We think it makes a difference. So boom, we wanted to say it publically. It’s a shame we even have to state it, it’s how the world should be! But just knowing there are people out there who care is a great first step.

From students at Derby University new to the city to long established same sex couples off out for a meal and a night on the town and wanting to know there will be a warm a comfortable, stress free ride home waiting. Perhaps you are stepping out as your true gender and want to arrive supported and in style. Visitor to the city and need a train station pickup? Flying in to East Midlands Aiport? Stoppping at a hotel and have a destination in mind? We’ve got your back.

Need a ride?
We’ll send a car!

Everything is easy with a bit of advance notice so make sure you book in advance. We’re often out and about across Derby so if you are planner, even if you are not.. To ensure we can get to you wthout any kerfuffle or waiting around, get in touch and we’ll SendACar!


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