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Making a difference.

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Making a difference.

How can we make a difference?

Well. If life over the past couple of years has have taught us anything, it is to be kinder.

As a taxi operator, we want to think kinder too. So if it’s as simple as picking up your shopping or helping you out the car, its a start.

We can go beyond that though, we’ll be able to accomodate most requests! If it’s dark and cold and you want us to walk you to your door, then no problem. We won’t say no! We’ll even go get the umbrella out! Vice versa, if you want us to ring your doorbell when we arrive and walk you out to the car, then thats no problem too. There is nothing worse than looking out your window, seeing a car on the street and wondering if it’s for you!

We can pick you up from venues, as in… Directly out side. We might not be able to get the car to the exit doors but if you want us to meet you we will. We’ll always be respectful and mindful of you, your personal space and personal situations, but if you need us, We’ll be there. We want to be more than a taxi, our focus is getting you safely to where you want to be, not just pick you up and drop you off.

We are a family run company. We know that if our loved ones jumped in a taxi, we’d want them to be OK. If it’s our wives, kids or husbands, partners and friends out in the dark, the wind and rain or in the middle of now where looking for a pick up, we’d want them to be alright and safe. If someone picked my mum up, I’d want here looked after. We’d simple do for your family, what we’d like for ours!

And yes, chances are, the last question we’ll ask is “will you be alright?”
AND we mean it….

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