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Derby Student Taxi

Need a ride? We'll SendAcar!

Taxi’s for Students in Derby!

Don’t get us wrong. Late for a lecture? You can jump in a Rideshare app car. Press a button and see what the roulette wheel throws at you.

We don’t tend to operate in the same way as the very popular ways to open your phone and hail a taxi. We operate by advance booking only. We know you are organised and awesome and plan your life so we can fit in perfectly.
If your folks are coming into town and you want to take them out for a swanky lunch, or get them safely stowed at a hotel so you can hit Friar Gate then say hello.

Being a Student in a new city can be a bit, overwhelming for some and a complete ball for others. Just know that chances are, we’ve been in the same boat as you and we understand.
We can help you through it all. Send A Car is operated by real local people. We can help in a multitude of ways! We can help with picking up from IKEA with all your new accessories to make that new room in halls a home from home. Pre book us to pick your folks up for graduations. We can meet you at the station, ready to put all your clean washing in the boot after a trip home.

We know you got this. We’re not here to patronise or condescend. What we can be however is a safe place for you. A little bit of peace in a hectic world. We can wait whilst you get in your front door on a cold night if needed. We can wait outside the club or pub for you and make sure you don’t have to wait around in the dark for a ride. If its an emergency or if you need, we can even come inside and rescue you from any drunken people you are trying to avoid!

We can help with longer journeys too. Going home for christmas and the thought of a rammed train or coach just too much? Give us a call, We’ll Send A Car.

We are more than happy to quote for any and all jobs so just ping us an email.