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We Love Adventures!

Need a ride? We'll SendAcar!

We love adventures and we’d love to be part of yours!

We can help with the start, middle and end of anything you might need a ride with as part of your exciting life.

We can give you a ride to Llandudno for a little weekend (or longer) break. Take you over to Skegness Butlins and pick you up afterwards! We can pick you up, drop you at Chatsworth House for a wander in the gardens, a visit to the christmas market or a private audience with the Duke and Duchess!
Of course we”ll be there to pick you and bring you home too.

We’d like to think of ourselves as adventure enablers. We want to take the hard work out of planning a trip. We can take you anywhere you need to be at any time you want. There are so many reasons you may need a ride. This could include of course weddings out of the area!
Instead of driving, we can drop you off at the wedding, the church, the temple, wait and pick you up to take you to the reception afterwards. We can even wait and bring you home too!

Your adventure might be a first date. SendAcar to pick up your beau and deliver them to the restaurant, the boat shed, the stables or where ever your romantic adventure begins.

You might have kids wanting freedom, but also needing to know they will be Ok. We can pick them up to go shopping at The East Midlands Designer Outlet for example, parent free! But make sure they have peace of mind knowing their ride is ready and waiting to get them back in tiime for their curfew.

Adventures come in many shapes and sizes and due to their personal nature, there are too many to count. Just know that if you need a little help with your plans, just asking us to help manage the logistics can be a great first step to creating some truly magical and memorable adventures!