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Taxi text back, get in the right car!

Need a ride? We'll SendAcar!

Taxi text back, get in the right car!

You know that point where you are waiting for a ride and there is a car outside.. but you can’t be sure it’s for you? Or you leave a venue to be confronted by a sea of headlights…

It’s not new, and it’s not innovative, but if you are waiting for a ride and havn’t asked for a meet and great, we’ll always let you know what you are looking for.

We’ll text you when we’re her, the vehile make and model along with the reg so you know straight away which car is for you.

Simple things like this make life a little easier.
We’ve all probably seen youtube videos of drivers fighting over fayres or those, a little worse for wear getting in wrong taxis. We’ve also probably all come out of a dark venue on a dark night and gone… Where is the taxi?

It’s little things like getting a text with what taxi to look for and even where abouts’ we’re waiting that can make life that little bit easier.

Now we’ll always aim to be in as close a pick up point as possible, but knowing where to look just makes things nicer.

You could be coming out the panto at Derby Arena, finishing Dinner at Bistro Pierre on Fria Gate. Maybe you have been out for drinks at the fabulous Mixing house! Where ever, When ever, We’ll always do our best.

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